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Innovative eLearning solutions that make
online learning a breeze

Learning should always be worth the investment

How do you measure the success of learning design? By the skills your employees can take away and apply to everyday work situations.


When you put effort into developing your team members, they’ll feel valued.


The result? Confident employees who stick around longer.


Not only will your team learn the skills they need to do their best work, but you'll also enjoy the benefits of:


  • Reduced staff turnover

  • A more productive working environment 

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • A 70% savings over face-to-face training


What does this mean for you? A return on investment that keeps on giving.

Bespoke digital learning that does more than tick a box


Has learning and development in your company been reduced to a box-ticking exercise?


If the answer is yes, it's not providing any real value to the company or the learner.


Generic eLearning presentations followed by multiple-choice questions only test a learner's ability to recall facts, rather than apply skills to everyday situations. They don't prove that the online learning was valuable.


That’s why when someone comes to us with a problem, we never provide a one size fits all solution.


Here are just a few examples of  work we’ve undertaken for past clients:


  • Transforming PowerPoint presentations into an eLearning course

  • Designing bespoke learning to replace generic systems that weren’t working

  • Creating online learning that employees can access remotely

  • Providing learning solutions for users of different skill levels and responsibilities

  • Assisting in the rollout of new processes and software including Microsoft 365

Empower your teams with elearning and training services from AI Digital Training. Lincoln, UK

When it comes to the development of your team, we know that online learning needs to be:


  • Relevant

  • Engaging

  • Time and cost-effective


Here at AI Digital Training, transforming learning is our mission.


How are we going to do that?


Through learning design that’s tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.


No more wasting time and money on irrelevant learning that’s quickly forgotten. 

Complete digital learning solutions that create engaging experiences


Online learning - Remote working has become the new norm, changing the way we communicate.


Keep your teams informed and connected through engaging webinars and remote learning sessions.


Choose Microsoft Teams or Zoom as your platform of choice.


eLearning - Give your learners the freedom to learn wherever and whenever they like.


We will design interactive eLearning experiences that are relevant to your business goals.


How-to videos - A world of learning opportunities at your fingertips!


Learn the skills you need, when you need them with your very own library of learning tutorials. 


Upload videos to your organisation’s intranet, or watch them on AI Digital Training’s private YouTube channel.


Guides - Give your learners a clear path to success with fully illustrated manuals and guides.


These essential tools help create consistency and clarity in your learning plans.

eLearning so good, that we guarantee it! AI Digital Training, Lincoln, UK

AI Digital Training: the best choice for your learning needs, guaranteed

AI Digital Training launched in September 2019, by co-directors Jeff and Lorraine Norton.


During the last two years, we've become the go-to experts in the world of learning design.


But what is it that makes us so different from the rest?


As qualified instructional designers and project managers, we understand the learner's journey.


This experience allows us to create successful learning experiences for our clients.


A combined total of over 50 years of developing digital learning solutions teaches you a thing or two.


Our tried and tested methods of delivering digital learning mean that your projects:


  • Get delivered on time

  • Stay within budget

  • Are tailored to your organisation's exact needs


We create your cutting-edge online learning solutions especially for you. That means you won't find them anywhere else in the world.


In fact, we believe so strongly in our products that we make our clients a promise.


If your employees don't learn what we've agreed by the end of the project, we will support them for free until they can. 



We don’t like to brag, so we’ll let our happy customers do the talking 

AI Digital Training testimonial. Lincoln, UK


“I have worked with Jeff and Lorraine over a number of years to design and deliver bespoke IT training for my team and key organisational projects. They are customer and learner centric in their engagement and take the time to understand your requirements to then offer the most effective delivery approaches so all your learners get the best learning experiences. When working on transformational projects they consider the most innovative approaches to learning and their learning solutions not only ensure the learner is confident in their use of a new system or software package but also make sure it contributes to their digital upskilling. I highly recommend working with AI Digital Training to either meet your organisational IT training needs and for both small, medium and large projects.” 


—  Wendy Henry - Embridge Consulting Ltd

Are you ready for your online learning efforts to finally pay off? 


Get ready to build a confident team of knowledgeable people who are ready to do great work.


Book your call now, so we can begin designing your bespoke learning solutions!

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