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Feedback from our clients. AI Digital Training. Lincoln, UK

AI Digital Training Testimonials

Because you shouldn’t just take our word for it.

We’ve been lucky enough to design online learning for many wonderful organisations. 


So we’ll let our happy clients tell you why we’re their number one choice for digital learning solutions.

"Calm efficiency"

"Podium approached Jeff at AI Digital Training at a point when we needed to take our training online and deliver an effective e-Learning package.  We needed guidance as to which LMS would best suit our needs and how we needed to operate with respect to the type of content we needed to deliver.  We also knew we would need help setting up the LMS, implementing the content and structuring systems to allow different branches to manage their own learners.  Part of the problem was we were wholly new to the area and didn’t really know what questions to ask.

That’s where the expertise of AI Digital Training was invaluable.  Jeff guided us through the process in a structured way which brought great clarity to an otherwise confusing set of challenges.  He summarised the pros and cons of three LMS options helping us choose what was best for our needs.  Thereafter, Jeff was able to take our content and make it work in the LMS in the way we needed it to.  In some respects, we had nonstandard requirements.  However, as a master practitioner, Jeff was able to write code to overcome any challenges we faced.  Our learning materials and assessment requirements, designed to meet the needs of British Psychological Society Verified Training, have a good degree of complexity in some areas.  None of this phased AI Digital Training and Jeff always understood our requirements and translated them into action with calm efficiency.

Above all else, it’s that calm efficiency that sets AI Digital Training apart.  It can be stressful trying to navigate the unknown, but the expertise delivered by Jeff always leaves you knowing you’re in safe hands.  I recommend AI Digital Training to all.  They bring expertise, confidence and efficiency all delivered with peerless customer service values.  Simply, they’re jolly nice people to know and a privilege to be associated with!"

- Carl Francis - European Operations Director, Podium

Testimonial from Phillip Gardiner for AI Digital Training. Lincoln, UK

"Passion and determination"

"I had the privilege to work with Jeff and Loraine when they joined one of our Mastery Programs. The one thing about them is their passion and determination to understand the needs of their clients and then focus on the results they can deliver.

That passion and determination to deliver results is priceless.

Jeff and Loraine will do whatever it takes to serve their customers. Their knowledge to deliver the right solution at the right time to produce the desired results is second to none.

I can, without any hesitation, recommend Jeff and AI Digital Training to anyone."

- Anton Oliver - CEO & Founder of Lead to Deal Mastery

"Customer and learner centric"

"I have worked with Jeff and Lorraine over a number of years to design and deliver bespoke IT training for my team and key organisational projects. They are customer and learner centric in their engagement and take the time to understand your requirements to then offer the most effective delivery approaches so all your learners get the best learning experiences. When working on transformational projects they consider the most innovative approaches to learning and their learning solutions not only ensure the learner is confident in their use of a new system or software package but also make sure it contributes to their digital upskilling. I highly recommend working with AI Digital Training to meet your organisational IT training needs and for both small, medium and large projects."

- Wendy Henry - Embridge Consulting Ltd

"More sophisticated than typical eLearning"

AI Digital Training designed and delivered a range of digital assets to support a critical roll out of key policies and practices. We were looking for something more sophisticated than typical eLearning modules and we were not disappointed. Jeff and Lorraine took time to understand the journey we were on, and designed a range of interactive toolkits that support our managers to quickly navigate and find the information that is pertinent to them, in addition to providing a full linear learning path for those learners who wish to go through step by step from beginning to end.  


Interactive modules were also developed providing the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills in a safe environment. Jeff and Lorraine ensured the end products were fully editable and training was provided to enable on-going maintenance by the Council.  


Overall, we had a very positive experience, which presented us with the opportunity to think differently about our approach to learning.  

- Fiona Thompson - Head of Service, Human Resources
- Lincolnshire County Council

Testimonial from Sheena Whyatt for AI Digital Training. Lincoln, UK

"Quickly became a valuable asset"

"Jeff joined a recent project and immediately made an impact. His clarity of vision and understanding of client needs helped his colleagues refocus their approach and make great progress towards their goals. He fitted in seamlessly to a team under a great amount of pressure and quickly became a valuable asset. I would not hesitate to use Jeff again, or recommend him to others."

- Sheena Whyatt

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