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Do something great with AI Digital Training, transforming learning. Lincoln, UK

Bespoke online learning services that bring clarity to your workplace

Learning and development don't have to be complicated tasks.

If your current learning plan—or lack of one— is causing you to:


  • Overspend

  • Overthink

  • Overwork


...It's time to call in the experts!


Your organisation is unique, and so are your learners. And you both deserve online learning that's tailored to your specific requirements.

What you can expect from our learning design process

Each project begins with a meeting that allows us to get to know you and the challenges you're facing.


During the meeting, we’ll begin to create a detailed concept for the design of your project. 


Learning can only happen when the content is relevant to the situation, so we'll need to find out:


  • The goals of your organisation

  • Exactly what your learners need to do

  • What a successful outcome would look like for you


Using your branding guidelines, we then begin to design your bespoke learning solutions.


All you need to do is sit back and rest assured that your project is in the hands of expert learning designers.


The end result will be a learning experience that's:


  • Bespoke

  • Modern

  • Exceptional

  • Follows current best practices


You can expect plenty of communication from us throughout your project. At each stage of development, you'll be able to review the progress and sign off your approval.


Since each project is bespoke and never off the shelf, you won't see prices listed anywhere on our website.


But not to worry—before your project begins, we'll give you a fixed quote that we won't ever stray from. You'll never need to worry about unwelcome surprises along the way!

Jeff Norton recording elearning content. Lincoln, UK

Online learning

In the last year, the benefits of online learning have become clearer than ever.


Webinars and remote learning sessions allow organisations to:


  • Keep team members informed and connected from anywhere in the world


  • Update staff on current workplace procedures


  • Lead webinars and online courses using platforms like Microsoft Teams or Zoom


  • Help remote workers stay productive


  • Give learners the support they need without taking too much time out of the workday


Each 45-minute session is interactive, engaging and informative. Your learners will be able to ask the tutor questions and receive support from each other.


Screen sharing is also available, so users can learn new software before it's rolled out. 


And since you have the option to record sessions, no one will have to miss out if they can't attend live.


Say goodbye to endless PowerPoint slides that don't provide any real learning solutions. 


We design eLearning courses that truly engage your learners, by incorporating:


  • Sound

  • Animation

  • Video

  • Optimal viewing on any device

  • Touchscreen gestures including swipe, drag and pinch

  • Interaction that allows learners to apply new skills as they progress


One of the biggest benefits of eLearning is the option to learn anywhere, anytime. Each course is self-paced, making them a great option for users of all abilities. All that’s required is internet access.


As a company, you’ll feel the cost-effectiveness of eLearning. After you pay for the initial design, you can access the course as many times as you like. 


You’ll also be happy to know that our eLearning courses are compatible with most learning management systems. After you’ve uploaded the content onto your LMS, you’ll be able to track and report your progress.

How-to videos

Utilise one of the most popular ways to learn, with short yet engaging video tutorials.


Videos are a great option for when your learners need quick and relevant information.


They’re easy to use for even the least tech-savvy; all users need to do is press play and let us take care of the rest.


You can choose to add any of the following options to your video tutorials:


  • Professional voiceovers

  • Closed Captions

  • Picture-in-picture


These features are a great way to make sure your videos are accessible to anyone using them.


Even if your company doesn't have its own learning management system, there's no need to worry. You can still create your own video library by uploading videos to the company intranet.


Want to make life even easier? Access your video tutorials on the AI Digital Training private Youtube channel.


No matter the situation, we'll help you come up with an effective solution.


For a learning solution you can use time and again, look no further than our fully illustrated electronic guides and manuals.


These useful tools will help you:


  • Avoid drawers and bookshelves bursting with papers


  • Prevent your team from scrambling around looking for answers they can’t find


  • Use your time wisely—no more handwriting notes your team members won’t look at again


Keep your learners on a clear and consistent path to success. Give them tools they can easily access, anytime.

Are you ready to feel the benefits of expert learning design?

Learning happens when you concentrate on what your team needs to learn and how they learn best.


Don't waste money trying to log a certain amount of hours training your staff.


Instead, invest in effective bespoke learning solutions that deliver measurable results.


We'll save you time and money by designing learning that works.


Call us now to receive your no-obligation quote!

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