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Our Lincolnshire Show 2020 competition has now closed.

The lucky winner is Maddie Parnell and our box of goodies is on it's way to her. Thankyou to everyone who took part.

Here are the quiz answers:

Q1 What is a Mardywarp?

A: A mole

Q2 Who built the first tank?

A: Fosters

Q3 Which of these people was born in Lincolnshire

A: Georgie Twigg

Q4 In what year was the Lincolnshire Show first held at the Lincolnshire Showground?

A: 1959

Q5 What makes Heckington Windmill so unique?

A: It has 8 sails

Q6 What is a Battle Twig

A: An earwig

Q7 What was the name of Tennyson's dog?

A: Karenina

Congratulations if you got all 7 correct!

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